Strangers and Freaks

Strangers and Freaks are missions that can be undertaken during the tenure of Grand Theft Auto V by approaching a ? mark on the minimap.

[edit] Strangers and Freaks Missions

Death at Sea Michael
What Lies Beneath Michael
Grass Roots - Michael Michael
Grass Roots - Trevor Trevor
Grass Roots - Franklin Franklin
Grass Roots - The Pickup Franklin
Grass Roots - The Drag Franklin
Grass Roots - The Smoke-In Franklin
Paparazzo Franklin
Paparazzo - The Sex Tape Franklin
Paparazzo - The Partnership Franklin
Paparazzo - The Meltdown Franklin
Paparazzo - The Highness Franklin
Paparazzo - Reality Check Franklin
Target Practice Trevor
Fair Game Trevor
Risk Assessment Franklin
Liquidity Risk Franklin
Targeted Risk Franklin
Uncalculated Risk Franklin
A Starlet in Vinewood Franklin
Seeking the Truth Michael
Accepting the Truth Michael
Assuming the Truth Michael
Chasing the Truth Michael
Bearing the Truth Michael
Delivering the Truth Michael
Exercising the Truth Michael
Unknowing the Truth Michael
Shift Work Franklin
Extra Commission Trevor
Closing the Deal Trevor
Surreal Estate Trevor
Breach of Contract Trevor
Exercising Demons - Michael Michael
Exercising Demons - Trevor Trevor
Exercising Demons - Franklin Franklin
Special Bonds Trevor
The Civil Border Patrol Trevor
An American Welcome Trevor
Minute Man Blues Trevor
Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill Trevor
Vinewood Souvenirs - Willy Trevor
Vinewood Souvenirs - Tyler Trevor
Vinewood Souvenirs - Kerry Trevor
Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark Trevor
Vinewood Souvenirs - Al Di Napoli Trevor
Vinewood Souvenirs - The Last Act Trevor
Far Out Franklin
The Final Frontier Franklin
Pulling Favors Franklin
Pulling Another Favor Franklin
Pulling Favors Again Franklin
Still Pulling Favors Franklin
Pulling One Last Favor Franklin
Rampage One Trevor
Rampage Two Trevor
Rampage Three Trevor
Rampage Four Trevor
Rampage Five Trevor

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