This mission can be triggered by Franklin, Trevor, and Michael.

[edit] Walkthrough

Select any character and head for the Hs icon to the Vespucci Movie Masks store on the beach front walkway near Vitus Avenue. Once you get near the mask shop, a green dot will appear on the radar marking the location of the masks and you get your first objective.

Approach the rack of masks and follow the on screen controls and browse through the masks. Buy a mask for each of your characters. In order obtain the 100% rating for the mission you must be quick in selecting your mask by doing so in 20 seconds. Also to complete the 100% you need to buy a hockey mask for each of your characters.

After the sale, the character automatically walks away from the store and calls the others to report the purchase. Mission complete.

[edit] Conditions for failure


[edit] 100%

  • Face Time: Purchase all masks within 00:20
  • Cliché: Purchase a white hockey mask for each character

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