Jimmy De Santa

Jimmy De Santa
Full Name James De Santa
Aliases Jimmy
Age 20 (2013)
Born March 17, 1993
Birthplace North Yankton
Height 5’ 9” (1.75 m)
Weight 216 lbs (97 kg)
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Home Rockford Hills, Los Santos
Relative Michael (Father)
Amanda (Mother)
Tracey (Sister)
Nationality American
Gender Male
James 'Jimmy' (Born 1993) is a character that appears in Grand Theft Auto V. He is the son of the protagonist Michael and his wife Amanda. He also has a sister called Tracey.


[edit] Background

Jimmy is a 20 year old male who is the brother to Tracey and son to Amanda and Michael. Nothing is known about his background other than that he has lived with his parents the duration of his life and recreationally smokes pot.

[edit] Personality

Jimmy has been described as a "whiny, lazy pot head" who is addicted to video games. He seems to be one of the few people bold enough to stand up against his father, but when Michael turns back with violence he quickly steps down.

[edit] Media

[edit] Trivia

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