Heists are types of Mission in Grand Theft Auto V. There are total of six heist missions in the game, each one requiring careful planing and preparation. Upon completion of each heist the reward will be millions of Dollars.

These missions are replayable.

[edit] Overview

[edit] Missions

Mission Location From
The Jewel Store Job Rodeo, Los Santos Martin Madrazo
The Merryweather Heist
The Paleto Score Steve Haines
The Bureau Raid Steve Haines
The Big Score

[edit] Grand Theft Auto V Online

Heists are a type of co-operative game mode in Grand Theft Auto V Online. They can take place in a large variety of buildings ranging from petrol stations to jewelry stores.
One of the key features of this mode includes the incorporation of voice chat. As the player talks via his microphone, the character's mouth will move in unison with what the player is saying, this means that saying certain phrases such as "put the money in the back!" will cause the in-game characters to act accordingly. The instigator of the heist will then decide how the money is split, meaning if they so chose they could take 100% of the earnings for themselves. If the other players don't believe the actions of the instigator to be fair, they can opt to kill him and take the money for themselves.

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