Deep Inside

This mission can be triggered by Franklin.

[edit] Walkthrough

Send Franklin to the blue "D" that appears on the map outside of Richards Majestic Studio walls. When he arrives he automatically calls Molly for the details; the car you are looking for is a rare Dawbauchee JB 700 and is on call for a secret agent movie shoot, however only principle actors and stunt doubles are permitted to go near it. The best to do get near it is to disguise Franklin as a principal actor, the harder way to is to go in, steal the car, and try to escape a robust security system.

Climb over the nearby gate marked "Emergency Exit". Once inside a red dot will appear on the radar, this is the location of the actor. Turn left and follow the dot to Stage 1. Turn right to find the actor outside his trailer abusing the staff. Wait until he is alone and poor Tina has left in tears, and use Stealth Mode (L3) to sneak up behind him and knock him out. Once out, a cut scene will trigger in which Franklin pulls him inside his trailer and emerges in the actors clothes.

The JB 700 is now shown on the radar as a blue dot, head towards it. Follow the dot around the corner and approach the set. Simply walk up to the car and get into it with an actress sitting in the passenger seat.

Start following the yellow route back to the studio lot, on the way you will see a woozy actor stumbling about, run him down to help achieve 100% for this mission. Cars full of hostile studio guards then start to chase you and are marked as red dot on the radar.

The actress in the passenger seats will start to complain and grabbing the steering wheel as you drive and the guards are still pursuing you in the cars. However, because this is the car of a secret agent, it comes with certain modifications. First, drive in a straight line to the guards in the cars behind you line up with you, then press the button indicated on screen to release a spray of spikes that will take out the car nearest to you (indicated by a short cut scene). Repeat to take out the second car.

After receiving a few too many insults from the co-star, Franklin finds a "Red Button". Press the button as indicated on the screen to send the passenger seat flying through the roof. After, Frankling automatically calls Molly.

Continue along the yellow route back to Devin's garage, Hayes Autos. Drive into the lot and pull into the garage doors that opens to complete the trip. As Devin greets Franklin, Lamar shows up and thus Devin picks up another contractor to help take back his cars.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Unknown

[edit] 100%

  • Not a Scratch: Deliver the JB 700 to Hayes Autos with minimal damage.
  • Fastest Speed: Achieve top speed in the JB 700 while driving it.
  • Stealthy Recasting: Knock out actor using stealth attack.
  • Premature Ejector: Use ejector seat within 00:10 of finding red button on dash.
  • Second Strike: Run over actor with JB 700 before escaping.

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