Bugs are just basically glitches. Glitches usually happen when something different in game is done then what is in the coding. They also can happen at the most random times. One glitch in where if you put a vehicle in front of a train then when they get hit by the train they will start spinning out of control in the air and eventually explode. This also happens with very large traffic jams. Another glitch is at rich people's homes if you drive a vehicle into the electronic gates there then the car will get flown far back and into the air eventually landing. Another glitch is when you walk into Michael's home and his family will be standing on furniture only to possibly start cloning constantly. Something similar happens when you keep on switching between characters. That it will soon enough make a clone of that character that will act as a normal NPC. One bug that could happen is where if Michael or Trevor do the last parachuting mission then Dom's last Stranger and Freak mission might never appear on the map. In the Stranger and Freak mission Fair Game if you leave when you are supposed to kill the last elk there will be almost no NPC's in the world and you would be able to explore places that you wouldn't normally be able to explore without getting a wanted level such as Fort Zancudo, Bolingbroke Penitentiary, Los Santos International Airport, and Humane Labs and Research will be fully explorable with no wanted level(Only as Trevor). One other bug is that characters would be able to buy Property for free. They would have to purchase the property then when the cut scene comes up they would go into a mission(preferably one that goes more faster and that is shorter such as Prologue.) Then when they are done they would have the property and still have all there money. I recommend not to do this with the Mckenzie Field Hangar or else the Cuban-800 and Dune Buggy won't appear and that means you wouldn't be able to do the missions there.

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