Full Name Barry
Gender Male
Date of Birth
Home Los Santos Palomino Avenue, Vespucci
Relatives Trevor
Franklin (friends)
Status Alive

Barry is a character in the main story in three Stranger & Freak missions, one each for Michael, Franklin and Trevor and runs a campaign to legalize marijuana in the country, calling in citizens to assist his dream and forcefully making people smoke. However, the campaign is unsuccessful and the advocate suffers from the side effects of smoking the weed he intends to legalize.

He first makes an appearance at Legion Square, meeting the protagonist Michael and persuading him to smoke the weed Barry has made himself, promising that there will be no side-effects from drinking this kind of weed. Reluctantly, Michael accepts the offer after which he suffers from bizarre hallucinations. He finds himself warding off aliens which attempt to capture him. Once the hallucination ends, Michael goes away.

[edit] Trivia

- In every mission, Barry has red, bloodshot eyes indicating his marijuana addiction.

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